Koncision CA Editorial Boards

You've presumably seen this blog post announcing Koncision Contract Automation. I could have waited until Koncision CA was ready for launch before announcing, but I have two reasons for announcing now. One, I want to have the benefit of input from potential users. And two, I want to recruit two editorial boards; that's what I want to consider now. To commoditize drafting, you need optimal … [Read more...]

Some Features of Koncision Contract Automation

In the coming months we'll be establishing the framework and policies of Koncision Contract Automation. The document-assembly engine that will power it, ContractExpress, operates as you'd expect: users answer a questionnaire, and based on the answers provided the system then compiles and adjusts the preloaded contract language. But beyond that, there's plenty of room for enhancements. Here are … [Read more...]

Announcing Koncision Contract Automation

I'm pleased to announce that I'm partnering with Business Integrity, developer of ContractExpress document-assembly software, to develop Koncision Contract Automation, an online subscription-based service that will make available to lawyers document-assembly templates for business contracts. We'll be launching our first product, a line of confidentiality agreement templates, in the first quarter … [Read more...]

Contract Drafting and Plagiarism

There's been quite a bit of blogosphere chatter recently about lawyers and plagiarism. The most recent salvo is this post by Peter Friedman, who teaches legal analysis and writing at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. In my cloistered way, I pay real attention only when the discussion touches on contract drafting. And here's what Peter had to say on that score: In legal practice, … [Read more...]

Signature Automation: A Dispatch from the Front Lines

I recently received the following inquiry from longtime reader John "Fitz" Fitzpatrick: Pardon me if I missed a blog discussion on e-signature (have you had one?), but recently a bunch of companies have requested that we sign our contracts with them using e-signature through a company called EchoSign. Nice idea in principle, but I have a three issues. First, I think that it's poor etiquette … [Read more...]