Ken Adams is unequalled as a source for training in how to draft clearer business contracts. He offers the following options:

The goal of Ken’s training is to help you say clearly whatever you want to say in a contract.

It’s intended for anyone who drafts, reviews, or negotiates contracts, whether they’re a lawyer, businessperson, contract manager, or paralegal, and wherever in the world they work. Ken’s success can be attributed to three factors.

First, Ken is the leading scholar on the building blocks of contract language. His book A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting contains a comprehensive set of guidelines based on his more than twenty years of research. The training he provides serves as an introduction to those guidelines—the learning continues after the training is over.

Second, he has extensive experience. He has given hundreds of Drafting Clearer Contracts seminars internationally, both public and for law firms, companies, and government agencies. And he has taught as an adjunct professor at three U.S. law schools.

And third, through his passion and his humor he manages to make engaging, even entertaining, a subject that could be dry.


Ken Adams presented otherwise drab contract issues in a witty, enthusiastic, and informative manner.

Loved it! Ken is like a beacon of rationality in a world of bloated and robotic drafting.

Incredibly informative and very helpful way to draft contracts—what could be dull and dry material is made interesting and almost fun by Adams’s presentation style and sense of humor.