Template Services

The odds are that your company uses template contracts that could be significantly improved. What are the typical shortcomings of template contracts?

  • They use the dysfunctional language of traditional contract drafting.
  • They’re bloated.
  • They reflect misconceived conventional wisdom.
  • They’re unduly risk averse or otherwise aren’t closely tailored to your company’s interests.

And what are the consequences? Your company wastes time and money, is less competitive than it could be, and is more likely to be embroiled in disputes.

Who’s going to fix your templates? Your personnel are too busy with the daily press of work, and anyway they almost certainly don’t have the necessary expertise. Furthermore, “drafting by committee” is a drain of time and resources that’s unlikely to yield optimal results. And if you hire a law firm to do the work, the odds are that you’ll pay a lot for mediocrity.

No one has Ken’s credentials for this sort of work; he can offer unmatched quality and cost-effectiveness. There are plenty of bad reasons not to hire Ken to help you, and few or no good ones.