Automation Services

If your company enters into a particular kind of deal often enough, with the terms varying from deal to deal, it might make sense to automate the underlying template, using document-assembly software. That would allow your personnel to create contracts by answering an annotated online questionnaire rather editing Word documents.

The leading document-assembly software is ContractExpress. Automating a template using ContractExpress requires (1) compiling the necessary language, (2) creating a Word version of the contract annotated with conventions recognized by ContractExpress, and (3) creating the questionnaire. Ken has exceptional expertise to assist your personnel with those tasks—in addition to his expertise in contract language, he’s also an expert user of ContractExpress. You won’t find anyone else who can offer that.

Furthermore, through his work for Koncision Contract Automation, Ken can quickly provide you with state-of-the-art automation by customizing Koncision’s inventory of automated contract language, giving you higher quality contracts much less expensively than if you were to attempt automation on your own.