More Reader Feedback

I find it salutary to be reminded periodically why I do what I do. Today I received an email from a reader based in England that had that effect. Here’s the relevant part: I felt obliged to write an email to you. Thank you. I’m a London-based fan of your work. Many of the complaints you raise with how drafting … Read More

Another Reminder About the Point of It All

Last month I took the liberty of including in this post a reader’s appreciation of the value of what I do. The forces of inertia are such that, what the heck, I’m going to do it again. A couple of days ago received the following from Ajay Krishnan, a lawyer based in Toronto: Dear Ken, You don’t know me, but … Read More

A Reminder About the Point of It All

Having just responded to a traditionalist asserting that I’m flirting with disaster by deviating from “tested” contract language, I was pleased to receive the following email from Andrew Mitton, a lawyer in private practice in Anchorage, Alaska: I’m a faithful reader of your blog and regularly refer to your Manual of Style. I recently redrafted some stock purchase documents to … Read More