“A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting” Available on Amazon in Print and Kindle Editions

This has been a week of enforced idleness: I’ve been reminded, yet again, that capping off a demanding seminar tour by spending an entire day with the teeming masses in various airport terminals and airplanes is a great way to get sick.

But during my convalescence, I bring you the following tidings: Amazon is now selling the print edition of MSCD (go here) and the Kindle edition (go here).

I’ve had a look at the Kindle sample that Amazon offers as a teaser. It looks pretty nifty. And thanks to that predatory Amazon pricing that we know and love, the price of the two editions is unbeatable.

And if you have the urge to put up a review on Amazon, don’t let me stop you!

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  • j-lon

    Is the new edition eligible for Amazon’s Matchbook program? I imagine that might be an attractive option for a lot of folks who would prefer to have a paper copy most of the time, but might also find it convenient to have a digital copy on the phone or tablet as a supplement.

    • http://www.adamsdrafting.com/ Ken Adams

      Good suggestion. I’ll discuss it with the ABA.