Second Edition of “The Structure of M&A Contracts” Being Considered

Remember my ebook The Structure of M&A Contracts? Me neither, almost.

It has been available only on the Thomson Reuters ProView app. Because of various problems—for one thing, it hasn’t be easy to purchase—the book has been largely invisible.

That’s a pity, as I think, with whatever objectivity I can muster, that it’s the clearest, most rigorous, and most innovative treatment of its subject. And when it comes to contracts, M&A is certainly in need of clarity, rigor, and innovation.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that the book has its fans. For example, during my recent visit to Amsterdam, the head of M&A of a global company told me, without my having mentioned the book, that he makes sure that each new member of his department reads it.

So I’m pleased to be able to say that West LegalEdcenter is game to do a second edition in both print and ebook formats. This is where you, readers, come in. If you’d like to read the first edition and suggest what changes I should make for the second edition, click here to send me an email explaining why you’re interested in pitching in and how you’d be able to help.

  • Matthew Johnston

    Personally, I am happy that there will be a print edition. Despite a (mostly) paperless office, I prefer to have my reference books in hard copy.

  • Bradley B. Clark

    I agree with Matthew. My practice is mostly paperless but I too prefer my reference materials in hard copy.