“As Between the Parties”? No Thanks

Yesterday someone mentioned to me the phrase as between the parties. I hadn’t ever looked at that phrase before, so off to EDGAR I went:

If any of the provisions of this Amendment are inconsistent with or in conflict with any of the provisions of the Principal Agreement then, to the extent of any such inconsistency or conflict, the provisions of this Amendment shall prevail as between the Parties.

As between the Parties, EverInsight shall be solely responsible for the cost for the Development of the Compound and the Licensed Product in the Licensed Field in the Territory and VistaGen shall be solely responsible for the cost for the Development of the Compound and the Licensed Product in the Licensed Field outside the Territory, except as otherwise provided in Section 4.1 and 4.4(b).

As between the parties, RenalytixAI will have the first right to pursue any Infringement Action against an infringing third party at its own expense, and (ii) if, within [*] after becoming aware of any suspected infringement or Infringement Action, RenalytixAI has not elected not to initiate, defend, or otherwise resolve such Infringement Action, then ISMMS shall have the right, but not the obligation, to initiate, control, pursue, and/or defend such Infringement Action at its own expense.

All “third-party due diligence reports” generated in connection with the Third-Party Due Diligence Services are, as between the parties to this Agreement, deemed to have been obtained by NMAC pursuant to Rules 15Ga-2(a) and (b).

As between the Parties, and subject to the licenses granted under this Agreement, each Party retains all right, title and interest in and to all intellectual property rights that such Party owns or Controls as of the Effective Date or that it develops or otherwise acquires after the Effective Date and outside the course of the Collaboration.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as between the Parties, Company, by itself or with any of its Subsidiaries or any Rights-Holding Party, will have the sole right, but not the obligation, at its sole expense, to research, develop, manufacture and commercialize Company Drug IP , as it or they may determine in its or their sole discretion.

As Between the Parties Hereto. The parties release each other, and their respective authorized representatives, from any claims for damage to any person or to the Premises, and to the fixtures, personal property, Tenant’s improvements, and alterations of either Landlord or Tenant in or on the Premises that are caused by or result from risks insured against under any insurance policies carried by the parties and in force at the time of any such damage.

I particularly like how the last example uses it as a heading!

The mystery at the heart of as between the parties is that the entire contract is between the parties and no one else, so as between the parties is, in effect, read into every single provision. If in a contract with King Eurystheus I promise to do something—say, clean the Augean stables—it follows that I’m making that promise only to King Eurystheus. If for whatever reason I don’t perform, no one else can use my contract promise to get me to clean the Augean stables for them. Except, of course, if the other party is a third-party beneficiary, in which case as between the parties won’t do me any good.

So I say the heck with as between the parties, but I’m prepared to have someone show me a circumstance where it’s of use. Give me your best shot.

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