Chart Summarizing My Public “Drafting Clearer Contracts” Training Options

Yes, in recent weeks you’ve heard plenty about my Drafting Clearer Contracts training, but feedback suggests a summary would be helpful. So here you go! If you think of ways I could improve it, please let me know. For the “More information” URLs in the chart, click here for presentations and here for Masterclass.

3 New Series of Masterclass for Fall 2023

Series of Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass continue to sell out, and the feedback continues to be positive, so why stop now! I’ve just made available three new series of Masterclass: The goal of Masterclass is to help you become a better-informed consumer of contract language. It’s the antidote to the copy-and-paste machine and its doppelganger, generative AI. For more information … Read More

The MSCD5 Quick Reference Chart of the Categories of Contract Language

In this 2018 blog post, I made available what I called the “quick reference” chart outlining my “categories of contract language” framework. Yesterday someone asked me whether that was still the most current version available for download, so I thought it appropriate to make available the version from the fifth edition of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting. So … Read More

Get Your Blue-Sky Bolt!

I’ve previously mentioned, in this blog post and in this LinkedIn post, my “blue-sky bolt”—a design that has morphed into an enamel pin. Well, soon I’ll start sending enamel pins as a thank-you gesture to those who do something to further the cause or help me out in some manner. For that, I’ll need a card, so here it is … Read More

For Contract Drafting, Strunk & White Isn’t Your Friend

Occasionally I see someone invoke Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style in connection with drafting contracts. Two things come to mind, one specific, the other general. First, Strunk & White doesn’t have an unblemished reputation. Linguist Geoff Pullum did a number on it in this article, in which he says this: I believe the success of Elements to be … Read More

Emphasizing Positive Over Negative, Message Over Messenger

It’s high time that I shift gears, in two respects. Positive Over Negative I’ve spent much of the past 20 years on the offense. I decided early on that if I wanted to make headway against entrenched notions of what clear contract language looks like, and if I wanted to keep myself and my readers interested, I shouldn’t pull my … Read More

For Creating Contracts, Document Assembly Is the Clear Winner Over Generative AI

Although it’s early in the game, I’m willing to believe that generative artificial intelligence, by whatever name (“large language models”, GPT-4, and so on), will have a significant effect on the world of work. But it’s not relevant to what I do, because for now, contracts are largely immune to a generative-AI takeover. For one thing, mainstream contract drafting is … Read More