You Want to Work with Contracts But You Have Limited Experience. What Do You Do?

This is from a message I received this weekend from a reader: I see dozens of postings for remote contract attorney positions, but they are looking for people with years of experience focused on contracts, especially IP and technology. In companies with small in-house legal teams, attorneys have to multitask, so they won’t have that concentrated contracts experience. And with … Read More

Need Someone in Minneapolis to Help Your Company with Transactional Work? I Recommend Betsy Clarke

Over the course of a year I did consulting work for U.S. Bank. The person who engineered that was Betsy Clarke, VP and corporate lawyer. Here’s what I had to say about Betsy on LinkedIn: I worked closely with Betsy on consulting projects. I found her unfailing positive and unflappable. She was determined to improve her organization’s contracts, understands commercial … Read More

A Young Lawyer and MSCD Reader Seeks a More Fulfilling Position

In this recent post I introduced the idea of putting job notices on this blog, with the aim of perhaps helping anyone who has hopes of finding a new employee from among readers of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting. Now let’s look at this from the perspective of someone looking for a job. Below is an email I … Read More

The “Adams on Contract Drafting” Jobs Board Is Now Open

Today reader Ken Obel sent me an email asking if I could help get the word out that he’s looking to hire a junior-ish lawyer to help with transactional work. Because Ken sees the value of clear contract language and uses A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, I said I’d be happy to post his message on this blog. … Read More