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Freelance Contract Drafting?

I received this from a reader: Where can a solo find freelance lawyers who have really good contract editing and negotiation skillsets? I have had a really hard time finding such people, including through temp agencies. My biggest challenge is finding people who not only know how to draft agreements, but are also efficiency-minded. Is there a market for such … Read More

What Should Tesla Look for in a Contracts Supervisor?

It was @SydneyAdams, of all people, who told me that Tesla is looking for a contracts supervisor for their delivery operations. (See the notice here.) No, she’s not thinking of applying. And no, she didn’t think it was time for her father to get a proper job. Instead, she just thought it a little odd that the job requirements didn’t … Read More

What’s All the Chatter About Free Contracts?

Gee, did I miss the announcement that it was “Free Contracts Week” on the blawgosphere? First there was this article on Tech Crunch by @ddoktori. That spawned this post by @carolynelefant on myShingle, this post on Above the Law by @josephpatrice, and this post on Forbes by @basharubin. I’ll add my six cents’ worth about making form contracts or, even better, … Read More