More on the Shortcomings of AI Markups

Some AI-and-contracts companies say their artificial intelligence will learn the patterns in your stash of signed contacts and use that, together with a menu of your preferences, to create, in an instant, a markup of the other side’s draft. This post is on LegalSifter’s blog. To continue reading, go here.

Working with Me at LegalSifter: What’s in It for You?

You might have heard that LegalSifter is looking to hire someone to work with me in creating our algorithms (“Sifters”) and writing the advice we give users. For more information, go to Indeed or LinkedIn. On Saturday I published this stream-of-consciousness post on my blog about the position. Now I’d like to address more directly why this position might be … Read More

Who Wants to Work with Me?

LegalSifter is looking to hire someone to work with me in designing our algorithms (we call them “Sifters”) and writing the advice we give users. For more information, go to Indeed or LinkedIn. To get a better sense of the kind of work I do, I suggest you read my posts on LegalSifter’s blog. But some context might also be helpful. … Read More

Is LegalSifter a Minimum Viable Product?

When I joined LegalSifter as chief content officer after having been on my own for fifteen years, I entered a process-driven world. I’m now part of a production line that combines technology and expertise to create software and advice. There’s lots to keep track of, so we’d be lost without our databases. This post is on LegalSifter’s blog. To read … Read More

The Role of Lawyers in Disaggregated Contracts Work: A Response to Susskind and Eisenberg

Future-of-law commentator Richard Susskind has written with Neville Eisenberg, a partner in Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, this article in the current issue of The Practice. It’s entitled Vertically Integrated Legal Service, and it reflects a vision of the future of legal services that, when it comes to handling contracts, is at odds with my experience and what LegalSifter is doing. … Read More

Why This Sifter Matters: “Not Relying on Statements Outside the Contract”

LegalSifter Review uses algorithms to review draft contracts to see whether provisions addressing specific contract issues are present or missing. We call our algorithms “Sifters.” In this post, the spotlight is on the Sifter Not Relying on Statements Outside the Contract. This Sifter helps alert sellers to language it would be prudent to include in a contract to reduce the … Read More

AI-Enhanced Contract Review Is the Last Line of Defense

The value offered by contract review enhanced by artificial intelligence is simple enough: reviewing contracts is challenging, so there’s a benefit to having someone look over your shoulder and offer advice, if you want it. But to really appreciate what it offers, you have to understand the stuff you can expect to review. It’s not pretty. The rest of this … Read More

For Contract Review, Don’t Believe the AI-Markup Hype

When we speak with potential clients, some remark to us, with a sage nod, that, well, LegalSifter doesn’t mark up the draft being reviewed. To make sure we understand what they’re referring to, we looked into this. We quickly determined that what these companies are alluding to is something I’ve seen already. This post is on LegalSifter’s blog. To read … Read More

Check Out My Hot Take on Notices Provisions

Check out my latest video for LegalSifter, Ken’s Hot Take on Notices Provisions—all 8 minutes and 35 seconds of it. It’s available here. You can also get my latest and greatest notices provision and a list of related resources. Why notices provisions? Because I’ve been noodling with my notices provision over the past couple of years. Because I’ve revisited notices … Read More

Spotting in Contracts the Provisions You Really Care About

Last week I asked this on Twitter: Is there a kind of term you really DON'T want to see in the other side's draft contract? Something that sets the alarm bells ringing? — Ken Adams (@AdamsDrafting) March 11, 2021 And I posed the same question in a post on the LinkedIn group for A Manual of Style for Contract … Read More