Contract Review, Meet Contract Drafting

After almost a year working on the factory floor at LegalSifter, it has become clear to me that contract review and contract drafting are closely allied functions. … This post is on LegalSifter’s blog. To read the rest of it, go here.

An Update on LegalSifter

Last April I told you in this post that I had become an advisor to LegalSifter, the company that’s developing software to help you review the other side’s draft contracts. What do I have to announce now? Well, nothing in particular. I’m simply continuing to do my part. In addition to doing consulting work, and roaming around giving seminars, and hacking away at … Read More

ABA Journal Podcast and Article Featuring Yours Truly

As a follow-up to their 2009 article naming me one of their original batch of Legal Rebels, I’m featured in a new ABA Journal Legal Rebels podcast that focuses on my work with LegalSifter. And there’s also an article. You can find both of them here. The 2009 article about me is apparently no longer online *sob* but for yucks, … Read More

LegalSifter: The Medium Is Technology, But the Message Is Expertise

In some fields, the robots-running-rampant connotations of the term “artificial intelligence” might be somewhat justified. But when it comes to what LegalSifter offers—AI review of the other side’s draft contract—a dose of reality is in order. To read the rest of this post, go to LegalSifter’s blog, here.

“Efforts” + “Endeavor” = WTF

I’ve seen more than my fair share of unfortunate drafting, but my work for LegalSifter has exposed me to a whole new level of stoopid. This post is on the LegalSifter blog. Go here to read the rest.

The First Draft of My “Assumption of Risk” Help Text

One of my tasks at LegalSifter is to create help text for Sifters, the algorithms tasked with spotting whether a given issue is addressed in a draft contract submitted to you by a counterparty. … Because this post relates to my work as advisor for LegalSifter, the AI document-review software, I posted it on their blog. Go here to read the rest of … Read More

Me Saying Stuff

In recent weeks I’ve had occasion to ruminate in public: Here’s my conversation with Casey Flaherty (@DCaseyF), recorded by LegalSifter at the CLOC 2018 Institute: Go here for Christian Lang‘s episode “Voices of CLOC 2018,” on the podcast Blacklines & Billables. (My utterances are at 6:00, 20:00, and 27:51.) And go here for this item by Spend Matters entitled Contract Expert and … Read More

Being on the Lookout for Unusual Provisions

Go here for my first post on LegalSifter’s blog. It’s about the different perspective that’s required when you’re reviewing rather than drafting, and it focuses on a provision you see sometimes in confidentiality agreements.

Join Me for the LegalSifter Breakfast at the CLOC Institute

From 22 April to 25 April I’ll be in Las Vegas. No, I won’t be desultorily pulling at the handle of a slot machine. Instead, I’ll be with the LegalSifter team at the 2018 CLOC Institute. CLOC stands for Corporate Legal Operations Consortium. I’ve not attended a CLOC event, but I’m looking forward to it: I expect that legal-operations personnel … Read More