Do You Need Transactional Experience to Teach Contract Drafting?

Yesterday I saw the following tweet by Abigail Pathoff (aka @APathoff), legal-writing professor at Chapman University Fowler School of Law: @WisconsinLaw prof Andrew Turner: Sure You Can! Teaching a 2L/3L Transactional Drafting Course without Experience as a Transactional Lawyer. pic.twitter.com/UYi9qT6HLL — Abigail Patthoff (@APatthoff) November 30, 2018 Do you need transactional experience to teach contract drafting? I’ll start by acknowledging that … Read More

Using MSCD in Law School

At my recent “Drafting Clearer Contracts” seminar in Portland, Oregon, I met David Hill. Dave teaches contract drafting at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, so we chatted about what he does. By email, he followed up with some thoughts about how he uses A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting as part of his course: I designed … Read More

Inside the Mind of the Law-School Traditionalist

I have a mixed relationship with the law-school world. On the one hand, an increasing number of instructors use MSCD as a course text. On the other hand, people from law schools are among the most ardent defenders of traditional contract language that I have encountered. So I was interested to see this post on ContractsProf Blog by Nancy Kim, … Read More

Contribute an Assignment to my Law-School Course

This August I’ll be at Notre Dame Law School again, teaching a three-week intensive course in contract drafting. As always, the course will feature a series of written assignments. The first assignment is gentle, to ease my students into the subject. The scenario is that a senior lawyer asks a junior lawyer to revise a given draft to reflect a new deal term. I … Read More

Law Reviews and Prestige Whoring

Having written an article on represents and warrants, I had to find a home for it. That caused me to consider again the whole business of submitting articles to journals run by law-school students. It also caused me to consider the significance attributed to publishing in law reviews. A Prestige-Driven System Academics have long groused about law reviews. As far … Read More

Bringing Outside Lawyers into the Law School

I made it a point to have outside lawyers play a part in my course at Notre Dame Law School. I don’t know from pedagogy, so not a lot of forethought went into that decision. I simply figured that I should try to give my students a glimpse of the role of contract drafting in the larger world, rather than just the … Read More

Using Technology to Assess a Law-School Contract-Drafting Assignment

I noticed this post last week on ContractsProf Blog. It’s about an online contract-drafting exercise developed by Zev Eigen of Northwestern Law School. It appears that the software pairs students who then negotiate and draft contracts for an employment relationship, based on a term sheet they’re provided. ContractsProf Blog offers little detail, and Professor Eigen prefers it that way. Here’s the … Read More

An Organization to Promote the Teaching of Contract Drafting?

During my visit to the biennial conference of the Legal Writing Institute, I saw that although their focus remains litigation writing, an increasing number of their members teach contract drafting, or would like to. I was also reminded that the Association of American Law Schools has a Section on Transactional Law and Skills. So if an organization serves to promote … Read More

“The Music Man” and the Traditional Approach to Training in Contract Drafting

In the Broadway musical “The Music Man,” “Professor” Harold Hill poses as a boys’ band organizer and leader. He sells band instruments and uniforms to naive Iowa townsfolk, promising to train the members of a new band. But Harold is a no musician, and he plans to skip town once the instruments and uniforms are paid for. Instead of giving music lessons, … Read More