D.C. Toedt’s “On Technology Contracts” Website

If you’re the sort who routinely rummages in the entrails of commercial contracts, you might well find of interest D.C. Toedt’s website On Technology Contracts.

D.C. Toedt (pronounced “Tate”) is a business lawyer with an intellectual-property and software-law background. He’s in private practice in Houston; I owe him a debt of gratitude for having introduced me to Ninfa’s on Navigation …

In addition to his blog, D.C.’s website contains the TATE Compendium, which D.C. describes as “A community library of annotated technology-contract clauses, in an easy-to-edit Word document,” and his Notebook, with D.C.’s musings on a range of issues.

D.C. and I might not always agree on language issues, but when I’m wrestling with an issue in a commercial contract, I’ve been known to check whether D.C. has anything to say about it.

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