Joan Heminway Reviews “The Structure of M&A Contracts”

In this post on the Conglomerate blog, Joan Heminway, professor at the University of Tennessee College of Law, offers a brief—and positive—assessment of The Structure of M&A Contracts. She does so after noting a dearth of texts that could be used to teach basic M&A concepts, and she says that my book “may well serve as a component piece of the M&A teaching materials puzzle.” I’ll be interested to hear how that works out.

Joan also says, after mentioning MSCD, “FYI, I do not always agree with Ken’s judgments, but I always appreciate them. And where we disagree, the basis of the disagreement usually is an excellent basis for class discussion.” But if someone—particularly someone as knowledgeable as Joan—disagrees with me, I want to know why. And “agree to disagree” is for wimps—may the most efficient usages prevail!

So Joan, I invite you to join me in the marketplace of ideas. I have a spare soapbox handy—we could do a back-and-forth on this blog and see which usages are left standing.

By the way, West LegalEdcenter tells me that by the end of 2011 The Structure of M&A Contracts should be available for download as an ebook. For now, it’s available only by calling West LegalEdcenter at (800) 308-1700. (If you’re calling from outside the U.S. and can’t call 800 numbers, call (651) 244-2327 or (651) 244-2542.) Or you can email and, saying how many copies you wish to purchase; one of them will get back to you. I apologize for this inconvenience, but I think you’ll find the book worth it.

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