Here are resources you might find helpful in applying to a Word document one of the enumeration schemes recommended in A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting.

The Numbering Assistant

BigHand, the software training and development company, has incorporated into the Numbering Assistant, its enumeration software, the recommendations made in Ken Adams’s A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting regarding enumeration and layout of blocks of contract text. It does so by offering both MSCD numbering schemes (the first-line-indent enumeration scheme and the hanging-indent enumeration scheme) as built-in Numbering Assistant numbering schemes, with each scheme being offered in “Articles” and “Sections” versions.

This arrangement has made it much easier for drafters, including Ken himself, to adopt MSCD’s recommendations regarding layout. The Numbering Assistant also makes it much easier to create a table of contents for a contract.

For any organization looking for greater efficiency and consistency in its contract drafting, a good place to start would be to install the Numbering Assistant and require that all drafters use it to apply one or other MSCD scheme.

A perpetual license to the Numbering Assistant costs $135. If you’d like a free 14-day trial, click here to send an email to BigHand. (Ken isn’t being paid to promote The Numbering Assistant and won’t receive any commissions on sales.)

Ken now uses only the hanging-indent enumeration scheme—it’s simpler and more logical. The first-line-indent scheme is more complex. Go here for tips on using the Numbering Assistant to apply MSCD‘s first-line-indent numbering scheme. And if you don’t have the Numbering Assistant, go here for tips on working with a document formatted using MSCD’s first-line-indent numbering scheme.

BigHand products are designed to run on a Microsoft Windows operating system.


“Ken Adams is the go-to expert for contract drafting language and contract automation. His MSCD numbering schemes have been helping lawyers and non-lawyers alike for years.”

– Donna Payne

Layout Templates

If you don’t have the Numbering Assistant, this Word document is formatted with the “Articles” version of the MSCD hanging-indent enumeration scheme and this Word document is formatted with the “Sections” version. Using Tab and Shift+Tab with the cursor on the enumeration in these documents will shift the enumeration down and up the enumeration hierarchy, respectively.

Given the added complexity of the MSCD first-line-indent enumeration scheme, Ken recommends that if you want to apply that scheme, use the Numbering Assistant.