The G-Word

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji In White Dress

In my post on no-reliance language (here), I link to this blog post by Glenn West. In it, Glenn doesn’t mess about. He mentions me right off the bat. And he drops the G-bomb.

That’s right—guru. It’s a label that has stuck with me, probably thanks to this 2007 article in the Canadian periodical The Lawyers Weekly.

I’m OK with it. It has a faintly ludicrous aspect that undercuts its pretentions. And it’s way better than some alternatives, notably thought leader. (Anyone calling me a thought leader is asking for a bout of fisticuffs, Marquess of Queensberry rules.)

Mind you, if you ever catch me referring to myself as a guru, please arrange an intervention. You have to nip that sort of thing in the bud, or next thing you know, I’ll be ordering Ken Adams bobblehead dolls. And referring to myself in the third person.

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