A Suggestion to Those Organizing the Upcoming Legal Design Jam

Thanks to @carolynelefant and this post on Open Law Lab, I learned of the "Law Design Jam" being held on October 11, 2013, at Stanford University. Go here for the invitation. The tagline for the event is "Legal contracts, licenses and policies are now long, dull, difficult and boring documents. Come change that!" Here's how the event is described: A Legal Design Jam is a design-driven … [Read more...]

One Space or Two?

[Updated January 12, 2015, to integrate what had previously been bracketed updates.] In A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting 12.21, I recommend that you use only one space, rather than two, after punctuation, whether it separates two sentences (periods, question marks, exclamation marks) or parts of a sentence (colons). I’m hardly alone in this. The Chicago Manual of Style 2.12 (15th ed. … [Read more...]