I’ll Be Teaching at Notre Dame Law School

I’m pleased that this fall I’ll be teaching at Notre Dame Law School. Well, really this summer—the course will be three weeks long and will start August 18, a week before classes normally start.

What makes this a particularly good arrangement for me is that it will be an intensive course, with an entire semester’s worth of learning crammed into it. That’s more convenient for me than teaching once a week. (In any event, I’m not about to commute to South Bend, Indiana, every week!) And for purposes of teaching a new language (and that’s essentially what we’re talking about here), intense is good.

I had decided that it was time to devote more of my energies to teaching. I’m now wiser to the law-school facts of life and have a better sense of how to teach the subject, so I’m looking forward to it.

  • Adrian Walters

    Ken: this is great news. I’m pleased for you and the students at ND!