Arrogance as a Response to Change

The other day while reading in the Atlantic Monthy “A Conversation with Jules Feiffer,” the great cartoonist, the following Feiffer observation caught my eye:

Amidst all the insecurity, and the ambition, and determination, there are two things always at work. One is self doubt, and the other is arrogance. And they work hand in hand.

That reminded me that change leads to uncertainty, and uncertainty leads to doubt and its handmaid, arrogance. So if you find yourself agitating for change, don’t be surprised if you encounter the occasional stubborn closed door or haughty turned back, or even dismissive belligerence. Indeed, perhaps you should expect it.

For my part, I welcome—nay, I encourage!—one and all to point out my mistakes. I can’t promote change while being resistant to it myself.

By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jules Feiffer’s children’s books to my daughter. I recommend that you check out from your local library I Lost My Bear, in particular.

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