The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Taking Part in the Penn Law 2009 Redrafting Project

In this April 2009 post I solicited submissions from any company interested in taking part in this semester’s Penn Law redrafting project. But then I had a change of heart—why not invite a not-for-profit organization to take part?

So we’re going to be redrafting a trademark license agreement that The Breast Cancer Research Foundation enters into with its corporate alliance partners.

I’m delighted that my class and I will be able to render this modest service to BCRF. I became aware of BCRF through my wife Joanne, who put together a BCRF-themed event for the New York Racing Association. I was impressed by how dynamic and efficient BCRF is. Since its inception, BCRF has raised over $250 million—$33 million in fiscal year 2008/09 alone —to support breast-cancer research at medical institutions around the world. BCRF support for promising yet untried ideas is crucial, given the dearth of government funding. And it manages its finances exceptionally well, with at least 85% of all funds raised by BCRF going to breast cancer research grants and awareness programs.

Thinking about having your company become a BCRF corporate alliance partner? Click here to find out how, and click here for a list of their current corporate alliance partners. How’s this for an incentive: by December, the trademark license agreement that you’d have to sign to become a corporate alliance partner will be a thing of beauty …

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