Reports of the Death of Blogging Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Thoughts Prompted by Making the Blawg 100 Again

I heard yesterday that this blog has been included in the ABA Journal’s 2013 Blawg 100—its list of the hundred best law blogs. (Go here for the complete list.) I celebrated by ordering a room-service sandwich at the Hilton Abu Dhabi. “Best of” lists are generally silly, but the Blawg 100 is a bit less silly than most. It’s to … Read More

What to Expect on this Blog in the Coming Months

In recent weeks I haven’t posted much, if anything, on specific issues of contract language, and I won’t be doing so for a while. Here’s why: The third edition of MSCD will be coming out in February. The last thing I feel like doing right now is any research that might suggest last-minute changes. Once the third edition has come out, … Read More