The State of the Blog

You might have heard that I have a new blog, the Adams Contracts blog. It’s on the website of a new business, called … Adams Contracts. It’s a division of LegalSifter; we’re building automated contract templates. For more about Adams Contracts, go to our website, at So, two blogs, and two spheres of activity. Here’s how I see this … Read More

Getting Back to Commenting on This Blog

The blog post before this one (here) refers to extensive comments on a 2017 blog post. And also this weekend, I had occasion to revisit comments in another post, from 2019. I ended up incorporating in an article I’m writing the gist of comments by three regulars. Comments on my blog have been vital over the years. But they’ve dropped … Read More

My Guest Post “Suggestions for a New Contracts Blogger”

Other than my posts for LegalSifter (which don’t really count), I can’t recall having ever done an original guest post on someone else’s blog. Well, if you want to read my post Suggestions for a New Contracts Blogger, you’ll have to go to Nada Alnajafi‘s new blog, Contract Nerds. I wish Nada all the best with her blog.

Staying in Orbit: This Blog in Middle Age

If a satellite is put into orbit high enough and goes fast enough, it stays in orbit: it just keeps falling around the earth. I feel that’s what my blog is now doing. It’s not something I focus on at the moment; I have more pressing things occupying my mind. But I’m always rooting around contracts and exploring new ideas, … Read More

The Glory Days of This Blog Are Over (But I’m Not Going Anywhere)

It’s once again time for the ABA Journal’s annual list of the best law blogs. I noticed that Ron Friedmann’s blog Strategic Legal Technology has made the hall of fame. Congratulations, Ron. I too reside in the hall of fame, sitting on a cloud bank, wearing a white toga, with a laurel wreath around my head. But return of the ABA … Read More

On Honesty in Commentary

In recent posts, I’ve critiqued an article (here) and suggested limitations in a product (here). (I pulled a third critical post, one in which I reviewed a book.) Writing the first of those posts prompted me to publish this item on LinkedIn. I jokingly describe it as a public-service announcement. (It’s been read so far by around 3,600 people; I never … Read More

Ever More Readers

The publishing people at the American Bar Association are particularly happy with A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting. Usually sales of a book drop off with each new edition. With MSCD, each edition has sold more than the previous one. With that in mind, I noticed that according to Google Analytics, yesterday there were 3,405 visits to this site. That’s the … Read More

This Site Is Now Mobile-Friendly

Because Google thinks that it’s a good thing to do, I’ve spared no expense to make this site “mobile-friendly.” Let there be rejoicing through the land! Or not. One immediate benefit is that whatever made the blog glacially slow for at least some of you has now disappeared. It’s a work in progress. If you notice anything that needs fixing … Read More

A Brief Note on Being Included in the Blawg 100 Again

I learned yesterday that this blog has again been included in the ABA Journal’s “Blawg 100“—its list of the hundred best law blogs. This blog has made the Blawg 100 five out of the past six years. Well, if blogs are being recognized, I’m not averse to having this blog be included. And the Blawg 100 is less silly than a … Read More