Contract Drafting in South Korea: My Q&A with Jungwoo Chang

I’m gearing up for my November seminars in Seoul, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur (more information here), and in Abu Dhabi (more information here). I’m particularly looking forward to my visit to Seoul, as it will be my first visit. I thought it appropriate to get a sense beforehand of what the contract-drafting life is like for Korean lawyers. So I … Read More

Notes from the Road: Q&A with Andrew Godwin of Melbourne Law School

That I’m in Australia is due to Andrew Godwin, senior lecturer at Melbourne Law School. Andrew first contacted me in 2004, and thereafter we exchanged emails once in a while.  When I told him about my upcoming trip to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, he thought the stars were in alignment for a detour to Australia beforehand. Andrew has had an … Read More

Ridacto, A New Contract-Analysis Tool: Q&A with Founder and CEO Max Mednik

People who work with contracts have available to them an increasing number of information-technology tools that seek to improve your contracts or speed the contract process, or both. I recently became aware of a new entrant, Ridacto. To find out more, I had a conversation with Max Mednik, Ridacto’s founder and CEO; you’ll find it below. *** Ken: What’s your … Read More

Q&A with Rush Nigut of NotifyWorks, a System for Notifying Clients of Deadlines

[Updated October 31, 2011, to reflect revised pricing.] Fellow blogger Rush Nigut (www.rushonbusiness.com) recently started a company called NotifyWorks to help lawyers improve their client relationships. (A transactional lawyer turning entrepreneurial—what a concept!) I knew that Rush had in mind that NotifyWorks would be relevant to the contract process, so I asked him a few questions. Here’s our exchange: Ken: … Read More

Q&A on Solos and Contract Drafting

Any law firm looking to put its contract drafting on an efficient footing will face challenges. (I discuss them in this article.) But slightly different considerations might come into play if you’re a solo transactional lawyer. That’s something I decided to explore with the following three volunteers: Abe Sadie: Abe was a colleague in my BigLaw days; last year went … Read More

Business Integrity Launches ContractExpress.com: Q&A with Andy Wishart, CTO of Business Integrity

Longtime readers of this site will be familiar with the name Business Integrity, developer of ContractExpress (formerly DealBuilder) document-assembly software. Fixing contract drafting involves fixing not only language but also process, and fixing the process means using document assembly. So I’ve long had a keen interest in document assembly. About three years ago I became acquainted with Business Integrity, and … Read More

Q&A with Steven Davidoff, Author of “Gods at War: Shotgun Takeovers, Government by Deal, and the Private Equity Implosion”

Currently on my nighttable is Gods at War: Shotgun Takeovers, Government by Deal, and the Private Equity Implosion, by Steven Davidoff. Steven is a professor at the University of Connecticut Law School (click here for his faculty bio page) and is the New York Times’s “Deal Professor.” Before teaching, he practiced for ten years with Shearman & Sterling in its … Read More

Automating Template Creation and Document Benchmarking: Q&A with Kingsley Martin, CEO of KIIAC

Through the contract-automation grapevine I heard about Kingsley Martin, president of KIIAC LLC, a company using proprietary software to help customers analyze contract models. Kingsley was kind enough to speak with me about KIIAC and show me how the software works. It’s sophisticated and intuitive, and I think it meets a real need, so I was happy to turn my … Read More

Contract Lifecycle Management: A Q&A with Harry Angel of Symfact

I’ve written before about contract-lifecycle-management (CLM) software. (Click here for some general thoughts on CLM; the ACC Docket article I co-authored also discusses CLM.) I’m pleased that this post allows me to revisit the topic. During a trip to Switzerland a couple of years ago I met Chris Craddock, the marketing director of Symfact, an increasingly prominent CLM vendor. Thereafter … Read More