Document Analysis and Wordsensa Professional—Q&A with Sue Jakobek, VP Business Development of Adsensa

I recently spoke with a large company that was preparing to drastically reduce the number of template contracts that its lawyers and business people had to work with. The process was going to involve close review of its current templates, of which there were dozens. That seemed like a daunting prospect. Around the same time, I first heard of Wordsensa … Read More

Document Collaboration—Q&A with Deepak Massand, CEO of Litera Corp.

In the past few months I’ve been introduced to some impressive information-technology tools. (Click here, here, here, and here to see the related posts.) My introduction to Litera IDS has been particularly memorable, given its functionality, the need it aims to meet, the lack of any real competition, and the fact that I had no inkling that it existed. Deepak … Read More

Document Assembly—Q&A with Jamie Wodetzki, CEO of Exari

I’ve long been familiar with two big names in logic-driven document assembly, namely HotDocs, by LexisNexis, and DealBuilder, by Business Integrity. But over the past year I’ve increasingly heard another name mentioned, namely Exari. It’s the name of both a company and its product; the company is based in Australia. A few months ago I made the acquaintance of Andrew … Read More

Document Assembly—Q&A with Laura N. Williams, General Counsel and Director of Legal Professional Services, Ixio Corporation

One unfortunate aspect of my life as a drafting ronin is that my workload is so utterly varied and unpredictable that I’m not able to use most of the information-technology tools that promise to brighten the life of the contract drafter. I’ve remained outside the candy store, with my nose pressed against the window. In particular, I’ve long admired from … Read More

Contract Lifecycle Management—Q&A with Ashif Mawji, President of Upside Software Inc.

For this first post in an occasional series about contract lifecycle management (for more background, see this introductory post), Ashif Mawji, president of Upside Software Inc., was kind enough to take the time to speak with me. Q: Ashif, your contract lifecycle management (CLM) product is UpsideContract, which is now in Version 5. In a nutshell, what does it aim … Read More