EagleEye: Another Product for Spotting Glitches

Thanks to this article by Carol Gerber on Attorney at Work, I learned about EagleEye, another software product that allows you to spot glitches in contracts.

Here’s how the developer describes EagleEye:

EagleEye automates the review of defined terms, inconsistent phrases, references and punctuation in legal agreements to ensure completeness, accuracy, consistency and lack of ambiguity. Designed for lawyers, EagleEye improves the transactional document drafting and review process, reducing the risk of human error.

Here’s Carol’s view:

Overall, EagleEye supports a much more organized and thorough approach to proofreading deal documents that I believe will reduce the time spent proofreading and improve the quality of the documents you send out. The time saved can be spent on the high-level thinking and elegant drafting that can sometimes seem like a luxury in fast-paced deals.

It apparently costs $5,000 for small firms and corporate legal departments, $10,000 for mid-size firms, and $20,000 for NLJ 350 firms. Individual licenses aren’t available.

Note that I said “another software product.” In 2008 I wrote this post about a comparable product, Lexicon, that appears to be still on the scene. (Individual licenses are available for Lexicon.) Also in 2008, I wrote this post about Deal Proof, a Thomson Reuters product. The late Ridacto served a similar function. And another product, Turner, is in development.

Because I don’t do high-volume drafting, so far I’ve done without any of these products, and I don’t plan on taking a closer look at them. But by all means let me know what you think.

Addendum. Go here for a copy of Richard Belthoff’s review of EagleEye for Technolawyer.

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