“A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting” Mentioned in a Job Posting

Yesterday Andrew Kinsey tagged me in this tweet:

As I reported in this 2017 post, a reader told me how they had said in a job interview that they were a big fan of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, and that the interviewer had responded favorably. Well, Andrew’s tweet suggests that companies are starting to recognize that basing their contract language on MSCD guidelines results in more effective contracts, so it makes sense to look for contracts personnel among people who consult MSCD.

That’s why, as I describe in this blog post, I’ve gone to the trouble of offering digital credentials to participants in my online course Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass.

And see this recent blog post for an example of what MSCD readers can bring to the table.

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.

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Ken Adams is the leading authority on how to say clearly whatever you want to say in a contract. He’s author of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, and he offers online and in-person training around the world. He’s also chief content officer of LegalSifter, Inc., a company that combines artificial intelligence and expertise to assist with review of contracts.

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