One Person Signing for More than One Party?

A reader recently asked as follows: If someone is signing a contract on behalf of more than one party, and that person serves each party in the same capacity, would it be OK to use just one signature block, as in the following example?


By:     ______________________
          Richard Roe

I responded that I’d feel more comfortable with the above arrangement if you added the notation “on behalf of each of the three above-named entities,” or some such. But saving a bit of space and sparing the signatory the ordeal of signing a couple of extra times seem negligible benefits. I have no plans to use such a three-for-one arrangement. But what if one person was signing for, say, six or more parties? Hmmm. Does that ever happen? If anyone can point to a publicly available contract that uses this technique, please post a link or email me a pdf.

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