Revisiting RPost

This April 2009 AdamsDrafting blog post is about giving notice by email. From comments to that post I learned about RPost’s Registered Email service, and I quickly added to that post an update about RPost.

I’ve decided that RPost’s service adds sufficient value that I want to include it as an option in Koncision products. More specifically, when Koncision customers complete that part of a ContractExpress questionnaire that relates to notices provisions, I want to give them the option of including email using RPost’s Registered Email service as one of the means of giving notice under the contract. (By the way, RPost wasn’t involved in my decision, and I’ve entered into no arrangement of any sort with them.)

I’ve corresponded with RPost’s CEO, Zafar Khan, regarding what language to use. RPost recently posted on their blog this item, which includes the language that I came up with.

If you’ve used RPost, what’s your view of it? And feel free to use the comments to continue the discussion regarding notice by email generally.

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  1. Great discussion at the AdamsDrafting post about e-mail notice. I’m including e-mail as a notice option with increasing frequency in commercial agreements, but relying on return receipt and/or acknowlegement isn’t satisfying. A service like RPost is a great improvement; however, I agree with one of the comments to the post that I wouldn’t draft a standard notice provision to require use of a specific vendor.


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