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[Updated April 6, 2010: Another resource is this recent Law Technology News article on document assembly. Not that it says anything earthshattering.]

The comments to last Tuesday’s post about Kingsley Martin’s new blog veered unexpectedly into a detailed discussion of document-assembly technologies. That got me to thinking that it might not be a bad idea for me to provide links to some resources.

The current issue of Law Practice magazine contains the article “Choosing Practice System Authoring Software.” It’s an extract of the new ABA book “The Lawyer’s Guide to Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools,” by Marc Lauritsen, lawyer, president of Capstone Practice Systems, Inc., and well-known document-assembly expert.

Another document-assembly expert is Seth Rowland, who was in the year above me at Penn Law. You can find information at the document-assembly section of the website of his company, Basha Systems, as well as at his Document Assembly & Case Management Blog.

Exari is the developer of the eponymous document-assembly software. The most recent post on their blog (click here) is about half measures taken by Latham & Watkins toward commoditizing document creation for their outsourcing practice. Exari’s blog contains links to more general information about their software.

And the website of Business Integrity, my friends and sponsor, contains beaucoup information about their document-assembly software ContractExpress (formerly DealBuilder), in its installed and cloud versions. Among other things, you can click here to view an online demo.

If anyone knows of any other helpful resources, by all means include links in the comments.

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