Update on LawInsider.com

In this 2013 post I wrote about LawInsider.com, a searchable database of the SEC’s EDGAR system. I followed that with an update in this July 2014 post. In each case, the guy behind LawInsider.com, Preston Clark, chimed in with comments.

Well, Preston recently let me know that a “clause search” function has been added to LawInsider.com. Preston describes it in the short video below:

Given the features that LawInsider.com offers for free, given that searching EDGAR on Lexis and Westlaw is not compelling, and given that Preston appears engaged and committed, LawInsider.com is becoming increasingly plausible as a resource. Preston mentioned that he aims to roll out premium upgrades sometime in 2015.

I invite you to let me (and Preston) know what you think.

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