Artificial Intelligence, Contracts, and Expertise: Join My 25 June Conversation with Kevin Miller, LegalSifter’s CEO

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that for more than two years I’ve been an advisor to LegalSifter, the artificial-intelligence company that helps you review draft contracts. It’s been a rewarding experience, working to infuse the product with expertise. And it has allowed me to explore contract language in ever greater detail. Furthermore, working with a team has been … Read More

Item on Above the Law Discusses My Work

Check out this item on the blog Above the Law. It’s by Olga Mack, and it discusses my work. It won’t come as news to regular readers, but it summarizes what’s on my mind at the moment.

I’ve Joined Pulse

The latest episode of Bob Ambrogi’s LawNext podcast features Chas Rampenthal (general counsel at LegalZoom) and me. (It’s here on and here on iTunes, and go here for some extracts.) In this episode, Bob breaks the news—I’m not suggesting it’s earth-shattering!—that I’ve joined Pulse, a company backed by LegalZoom. More specifically, I’m now head of contracts at Pulse, where … Read More

The Delaware Chancery Court Cites Yours Truly

The Delaware Chancery Court recently issued Vice Chancellor Laster’s opinion in Akorn, Inc. v. Fresenius Kabi AG, C.A. No. 2018-0300-JTL (Del. Ch. 1 Oct. 2018) (PDF here). You can find plenty of information about this case elsewhere, including in this item on Reuters. It will take some time to unpack what this opinion means for contract drafters. What caught my eye … Read More

I Embrace the Nerdiness So You Don’t Have To

I might have sent a misleading signal with my recent post about the subjunctive mood in contracts (here). I’m not suggesting that you all need to start worrying about the subjunctive, in addition to everything else. It’s simply an issue that crossed my mind, so I spent a few minutes thinking about it and doing some research. And then I … Read More

Free Hour-Long Event in Singapore on 9 October 2018: “Master Drafting Skills in the Age of Technology”

On 10 October I’ll be giving a public “Drafting Clearer Contracts” seminar in Singapore (here). But I’m delighted that the day before, on 9 October, from 15.00 to 16.00, I’ll be doing an hour-long event sponsored by Thomson Reuters. It will consist of a conversation on the theme “Master Drafting Skills in the Age of Technology.” As a title that … Read More

ABA Journal Podcast and Article Featuring Yours Truly

As a follow-up to their 2009 article naming me one of their original batch of Legal Rebels, I’m featured in a new ABA Journal Legal Rebels podcast that focuses on my work with LegalSifter. And there’s also an article. You can find both of them here. The 2009 article about me is apparently no longer online *sob* but for yucks, … Read More

I’ve Started a LinkedIn Group

I haven’t been a fan of LinkedIn groups; see for example this 2013 blog post. So I was taken aback when one of my LinkedIn connections, Marty Carrara, suggested that I start my own LinkedIn group. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a sensible idea. I then did this LinkedIn post about it, and it garnered … Read More

Hey, I Now Have a Real Newsletter!

For years, I’ve sent out email updates with links to recent posts on my blog. But the service I used was terrible. Well, yesterday I sent my first real newsletter. It’s here. I expect to do them once or twice a month. They’ll always lead with links to recent posts, but the new format allows plenty of scope for general ruminating. If … Read More

Glenn West Article on “Excluded Losses” Provisions in M&A Contracts

Only one person (other than me!) can be counted on to write law-review articles relevant to the building blocks of contract language. That person is Glenn West. It’s a red-letter day when a new Glenn West article plops off the production line, and today I received from the man himself a copy of Consequential Damages Redux: An Updated Study of the Ubiquitous and Problematic “Excluded Losses” … Read More