Glenn West’s New Article on Fraud Carve-Outs in Acquisition Agreements

Longtime readers of this blog will be familiar with Glenn West. His articles on extra-contractual liability (here), consequential damages (here), and “no recourse against others” provisions (here) are all essential reading for anyone serious about understanding those topics. Well, break out the champagne, because Glenn has a new article out. This time it’s on fraud carve-outs in acquisition agreements; go … Read More

My Remarks on Receiving the Golden Pen Award

Yesterday I attended the biennial conference of the Legal Writing Institute, where I received the 2014 Golden Pen Award. My thanks to LWI members in general, and president-elect Linda Berger in particular, for their generous hospitality. (That’s Linda and me to the right.) If you’d like to know why I received this award, go here. And below is the text … Read More

Meet the New Blog! Same As the Old Blog!

This is my first post on in over two years. I’ve moved back here, bringing with me a copy of all my posts on The Koncise Drafter, at I’ve also redesigned the entire site. As I said in my final post on The Koncise Drafter, will remain the home for all things relating to Koncision Contract Automation. … Read More

Listen to Podcast About MSCD3

If you’re in the market for—gulp!—37 minutes of conversation about the third edition of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, go here for an ABA Section of Business Law podcast that offers exactly that. It consists of a conversation between me and my longtime reader and cohort Michael Fleming (@FlemingMF on Twitter). If that seems like more than you … Read More

My Article in Asian Legal Business

The January 2013 issue of Asian Legal Business contains my micro-article Asia: Different Contracts, Different Cultures. It discusses the mixture of “cultures” of contract drafting in Asia. Go here for a PDF copy. This article represents the first time I’ve acted as a pseudojournalist, quoting some sources, including friends of the blog Mark Anderson and Andrew Godwin. Cunningly placed under … Read More

My January 17 “Ask the Expert” Call with IACCM

On Thursday, January 17, at 11:00 a.m. EST, I’ll be doing an “Ask the Expert” call on “Trends in Contract Drafting” with the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management, know to its friends as IACCM. Go here for additional information and to register. The call is free. You have to be a member to participate, but you can sign … Read More

Thomson Reuters to Acquire Practical Law Company

[Revised January 9, 2013, to make my point a little clearer and to trim away some invective.] Thomson Reuters has announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Practical Law Company, “the London-based provider of practical legal know-how and workflow tools to law firms and corporate law departments.” Go here for the announcement. Apparently, PLC has locked up the … Read More

“The Koncise Drafter” in the ABA Journal’s 2012 Blawg 100

In case it’s of interest to any readers, this blog was included in the ABA Journal’s 2012 Blawg 100. It’s nice to be noticed; thank you to those readers who saw fit to nominate this blog. Any such “best of” compilation is necessarily somewhat arbitrary, but I think the ABA Journal does a good job. But I won’t be asking … Read More