Notes from the Road

Notes from the Road: Hamburg

I’ve just left Hamburg after a three-day visit. Some thoughts: I held public seminars on Monday and Tuesday at the offices of ECE Projektmanagement, the shopping-center developer. My host was the exceedingly gracious Joachim Kämpf, of ECE’s legal department. He’s a veteran of one of my 2012 Geneva seminars. Last Sunday, Joachim gave me a walking tour of downtown Hamburg. As … Read More

Notes from the Road: Winding Up This Trip

I’m on my way home from Sydney, after my tour of Asia and Australia. So far, I’ve managed only one “Notes from the Road” post, about my seminar in Sinpapore (here). So here’s a collection of stray thoughts regarding the rest of my trip. *** Some participants at my Kuala Lumpur seminar came from far afield. Papua New Guinea. Vanuatu. … Read More

Notes from the Road: Singapore

Last week I was in Singapore to give a seminar. I had last been there some twenty years ago, and I enjoyed being back. It’s a prosperous, teeming, and efficient city, and I took the opportunity to roam around a bit and sample the street food. “Asia for beginners,” I was told. That seems about right. But traveling for seminars … Read More

Notes from the Road: The 2012 Geneva Seminars

I just wrapped up my 2012 series of Geneva seminars. Some impressions: I’d be hard pressed to find a more congenial arrangement. I’m staying in Vieille Ville, the old part of Geneva, with my brother Charles and his family. (To the right is part of the view from Charles’s apartment.) To get to Akin Gump’s offices, where the seminars were … Read More

Notes from the Road: Whirlwind Visits to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok

My week in Australia was leisurely compared with the week that followed: fly to Kuala Lumpur; a seminar the next two days; fly to Bangkok the next day; a seminar the next two days; fly home (tomorrow). The focus of my time in both cities was obviously the seminars, two-day versions of my “Drafting Clearer Contracts” seminar. Henceforth, my one-day … Read More

Notes from the Road: My Day in Sydney

The “Notes from the Road” heading means no pointy-headed contracts stuff in this post, just a virtual postcard from Sydney. I arrived here this morning from Melbourne with Andrew Godwin—you’ll remember him from this post. After checking how things were going on the home front, I headed to lunch with Adrian Goss. Adrian is corporate counsel at ACP Magazines and … Read More

Notes from the Road: Q&A with Andrew Godwin of Melbourne Law School

That I’m in Australia is due to Andrew Godwin, senior lecturer at Melbourne Law School. Andrew first contacted me in 2004, and thereafter we exchanged emails once in a while.  When I told him about my upcoming trip to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, he thought the stars were in alignment for a detour to Australia beforehand. Andrew has had an … Read More

Notes from the Road: I Embark for Australia

Yes sir, I’m a denizen of cyberspace! You can find me in my home office, endlessly hunched, gargoyle-like, over my laptop. My wardrobe varies from casual to too casual to indecent. My face can go for an extended period without encountering a razor. Some days, my exposure to the outside world is limited to very leisurely walks with Max, the … Read More