“Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass” for Summer Associates

If you’re involved in organizing your firm’s summer program and are wondering what training activities you might offer, you could do worse than sign them up for their own series of my online course Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass. For more about Masterclass, go here; for testimonials, go here. If you’d like to discuss the possibilities, contact me.

Two New Series of “Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass” (Including One at a Civilized Time for Australia and China)

I’ve just posted details of two new series of Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass: Masterclass (23) begins on 11 May 2022 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US and Canada), which would work well for participants in Australia. And China. And Singapore. And Japan. And the Philippines. You get the idea. Masterclass (24) begins on 16 June 2020 at 11:00 a.m. ET. … Read More

A Masterclass Participant on How the Course Has Helped Him with His Drafting

Sporadically I get feedback from people who have taken my online course Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass. Today the professional-development person at a law firm said to me in an email, “We’ve signed up a few of our associates this year for your Masterclass sessions with great feedback.” And here’s the review someone just posted: This is a great class. It … Read More

Check Out the New “Masterclass” Testimonials

I’ve long used anonymous testimonials, with the thought that attaching someone’s name to a testimonial is meaningless unless it’s a name that many would recognize. But with my redesigned website, that has changed. Now testimonials are linked to the person’s LinkedIn or Twitter profile and features their profile photo. I think that makes testimonials much more meaningful. I’ve now completed … Read More

“Team Adams” and Hiring Informed Consumers of Contract Language

On Wednesday I was pleased to receive an email from Lissa Morris. She participated in a series of Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass, and Wednesday saw the last of the eight weekly one-hour sessions in her series. Her email is below—you’ll see why I found it a tonic. In it, Lissa refers to “Team Adams.” I propose that it’s her way … Read More

Four New Series of Masterclass

I’ve just added four new series of Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass to take us through the end of the year. Here are the five series now available: Starting Tuesday, 13 July 2021, at 8:00 am ET (US) Starting Thursday, 5 August 2021, at 11:00 am ET (US) Starting Wednesday, 8 September 2021, at 11:00 am ET (US) Starting Tuesday, 5 … Read More

Making a Test Part of “Masterclass”? For Companies, Sure, But Probably Not for the Public Version of the Course

In this blog post I display the digital badge I’m implementing for my course Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass. I explain that the digital credentials aren’t intended to indicate a level of competence. Instead, they’re intended to start a conversation. The course already includes quizzes; the issue under discussion now is whether to add to self-assessment the kind of assessment that … Read More

New Masterclass Series Beginning in April, June, and July 2021

Finally, I’ve created three new series of Drafting Clearer Contracts: Masterclass, my course built around eight live hour-long sessions held once a week and supplemented by reading and quizzes: Masterclass (12), starting Monday, 5 April 2021, at 11 am Eastern Time (US and Canada) Masterclass (13), starting Thursday, 3 June 2021, at 11 am Eastern Time (US and Canada) Masterclass … Read More

The Return of “Drafting Clearer Contracts” Presentations

At the onset of the pandemic, I declined the opportunity to do an online version of my in-person Drafting Clearer Contracts seminar. But over time, we’ve all gotten used to Zoom. Yes, in-person presentations are more fun, and it’s easier for participants to engage. On the other hand, doing presentations remotely offers compelling efficiencies. And as things stand, the choice … Read More