More Reactions to Koncision

This recent post includes links to early assessments of Koncision. Here are two more:

  • this post by Carolyn Elefant on her My Shingle blog
  • this post by Ron Friedmann on his Strategic Legal Technology blog

So the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and it has come from commentators who are no pushover. If anything, I feel even more comfortable saying that if you draft a confidentiality agreement using Koncision’s template, you’ll draft it much more quickly than you could have using the traditional copy-and-paste process, and it will be of much higher quality. Furthermore, you’ll be able to draft variations on that contract more quickly and more securely than you could by revising a Word template.

I’d have thought that the potential gains in efficiency and quality offered by Koncision would be worth testing the questionnaire [link no longer available] and reviewing the sample contract [link no longer available], or going wild and spending a big $50 on a single-transaction subscription.

The immediate obstacles facing Koncision have nothing to do with speed or quality, and they have little or nothing to do with cost. Instead, they have everything to do with inertia.

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