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A Tip For All You Cross-Reference Ninjas

This post explains how to edit a cross-reference to a contract article so that the a in article is lowercase. Chris Lemens, this one’s for …

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Contract As Pleading?

I noticed that the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have finally acknowledged that merchants who use images and names of those agencies on …

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An Instance of Confused Enumeration in a Contract

Via this post on Legal Writing Prof Blog I learned of a recent opinion of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals that involved an odd …

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A Suggestion to Those Organizing the Upcoming Legal Design Jam

Thanks to @carolynelefant and this post on Open Law Lab, I learned of the “Law Design Jam” being held on October 11, 2013, at Stanford University. Go …

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Eliminate All Cross-References?

Family! One day you’re unaware that they exist, the next day they’re hocking you relentlessly. I’m speaking of course about Joshua Stein, my newfound second …

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Severability and Tabulation

At one of my recent European seminars I told the participants that I’m not in favor of the approach to document design that says that …

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Footnotes in Contracts?

A few days ago a reader asked me about a recommendation he saw online to the effect that it might be a good idea to …

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Get Rid of First-Line Indents in Paragraphs Without Enumeration?

I’ve been reading Matthew Butterick’s Typography for Lawyers. It has caused me to revisit some issues. Here’s one: In samples in MSCD, the introductory clause, …

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You Might Want to Make Your Section Headings Non-Random

Thanks to Eric Goldman (@ericgoldman) I learned about a recent opinion out of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. (PDF copy …

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Ellen Lupton Wades In on Document Design for Contracts

In this December 2011 post I questioned the utility, for purposes of contracts, of what I called document-design “bling.” And in this February 2012 post …

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The MSCD Enumeration Scheme: A Manifesto

Contract layout is a function of how you position blocks of text on the page and how you enumerate them. In MSCD I recommend that …

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